What To Wear On Your ATV Ride

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What To Wear On Your ATV Ride

Jan 10, 2023

Whether you’re hitting the trails, the dunes, or the road, you want to be sure to wear the right gear. That said, you don’t necessarily have to buy a bunch of new specialty clothes. Instead, you should focus on the gear that makes sense for your setting and properly protects your extremities. 

Wondering what to wear on your ATV ride? Here are Harvey’s tips on how to stay clean, comfortable, and capable on your next all-terrain outing.

Full Face Helmet — Priority One

A helmet is the most important piece of equipment in any powersport. Any time you ride your ATV or four-wheeler, you should be wearing a helmet. Accidents happen, and protecting your head from damage is critical if you ever want to get back on your ride again. 

Opt for a helmet that’s DOT or even SNELL approved. Helmets made specifically for ATV riding will have a sturdier reinforced chin guard, as well as housing for seperate goggles. Go for the best helmet you can reasonably afford, its protection is well worth the cost. 

Wear Goggles on your ATV

Like the rest of your head, your eyes are particularly sensitive. When you’re hitting top speed with no windscreen, a tree branch or kicked up pebble to the eye is going to do some real harm. When you consider the trail dust, bugs, and sun, you can really understand why goggles are our number two pick for what to wear on your ATV ride.

We recommend polarized lenses to cut down on harsh sun, as well as shatterproof replaceable lenses for any potential damage.


While not an essential like our first two pieces of gear recommendation, a good pair of riding gloves can make a big difference in your comfort level. It’s great to have your knuckles protected from flying rocks or twigs, and the additional grip is a blessing for those of us with sweaty palms. 

Choose trail gloves with palm padding to prevent callusing on long rides, or full-finger gloves for cold weather treks.


Even in the heat, Harvey’s recommends you wear a long sleeve shirt. The sleeves will keep you from any scrapes on your forearms, and keep you from getting an unexpected sunburn. Your shirt should be light, comfortable, and moisture wicking, but not baggy enough to get caught on branches. Keep the trail dust in mind, don’t wear your favorite white shirt.

Try to pack for preparedness. A light rain jacket is a great piece of gear to have on hand at all times, and doesn’t take up much space. 

Long Pants

You can easily find trail riding pants with built in or removable knee pads that are great for ATV rides. They often have a more relaxed fit to make for a comfortable mounted position. 

Jeans or long cargo pants work great for the trail as well, however, thanks to their thick, durable material. The fit shouldn’t be too loose to prevent snags, and make sure you’re okay to get ‘em dirty!

Close Toed Shoes

No, crocs do not count. We recommend hiking boots, work boots, or purpose-made ATV riding boots. You’re looking for footwear with good grip, soles capable of handling mud, and ankle padding. You can get away with beat-up sneakers, but the extra support and protection good boots provide are invaluable. 

Now you’re all geared up and ready to ride! Is your ATV?

It sucks to get suited up only to find you’re clutched out. Mother Clutcher OEM style aftermarket clutches from Harvey’s ATV parts can give your ride new life. We care about all your gear — from your shoes to your secondary — and we prove that with a one-year warranty backed and fulfilled by Harvey’s ATV on every new part.

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