General Clutches

For all Polaris General riders, Harvey’s ATV Parts is your premium clutching system hub. We have a comprehensive assortment of products that cater to all your clutching needs, encompassing Polaris General clutch kits, clutch covers, pullers, and other critical Polaris tools. Our dedication to providing top-quality products ensures that you have access to the best clutching gear in the market.

Confused about the right clutch weight or spring to choose for your Polaris General? Don't fret! We've thoughtfully designed Polaris RZR clutch weight and spring charts that offer you the necessary guidance to find the most appropriate options. Whether you're a professional racer looking for performance-enhancing gear or a leisurely weekend rider seeking trustworthy and durable equipment, we're here for you.

At Harvey’s, we are committed to providing high-caliber clutching products that meet the diverse needs of all our Polaris General enthusiasts. Choosing to shop with us, you’re doing more than just buying a premium clutching product - you’re investing in an upgrade to your entire Polaris General experience.  

Get back on the trail with us today, and propel your Polaris General's performance to a higher level!

5 products

5 products